Buying a car on loan

The car loan offer of the Car Loan Portal can be used to purchase, to loan an existing car or to replace a live financing contract. It is important that you can make the already unfavorable terms more favorable with the help of the Car Credit Portal. However, it should be considered whether it is advisable to opt for more favorable financing terms from the Car Credit Portal. Like the market in every other field, so does the financing industry. Price competition is a clear winner for buyers, in this case prospective debtors. The Car Loan Portal strives to offer the best possible deals, outstripping all other competing offers.

The minimum credit limit is $ 500,000. For cars older than 10 years, this can be as much as $ 400,000. The minimum amount of own funds based on HUF is only 25%. The maturity is between 1 and 8 years in the appropriate field of the car loan calculator.


There are additional financing options

There are additional financing options

Available for the age and type of vehicle: the minimum amount required for a car over 10 years is $ 400,000 for a car loan, and the minimum loan is $ 300,000 for car leasing provided by AutoCredit Portal. ) for older cars, or you don’t need to apply for a $ 500,000 car loan at least, the offer allows for less.

The maximum car loan amount for passenger cars, if the new car and CASCO does not want to conclude a contract: 5,000,000 HUF, for a used car similarly without CASCO: 4,000,000 HUF minimum loan amount. With CASCO insurance, these amounts are significantly shifted upwards. The simple reason is that CASCO insurance is independent of the customer and serves as additional security in case of loss, theft or breakage of the car as collateral, therefore the CASCO car loan amount may be higher. Please contact us by phone for details or send us a form with your inquiry.

When applying for a car loan, it is not necessary to send a copy of the person’s documents to us, it is enough to provide their serial number and identification data, thus making the process of car loan evaluation easier and smoother.


Once you have selected the car you want to buy

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Fill out our credit calculator above to help you choose the most suitable construction! After completing and submitting the form fields, our colleagues will calculate what installment you can expect. This brings you one step closer to your destination, the car of your choice, because if the amount is right, you can start discussing the details with our colleague. But the calculation does not entail any obligation to you. So, if that amount is not enough, you can continue to search. The calculation is also completely free. Alternatively, if the recommended scheme is satisfactory, administration can begin after final agreement. Our colleague will take over the paperwork involved from you.